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Barely Booked to Fully Booked is a complete 5-step blueprint course to setting up a successful listing on Airbnb and HomeAway.


Your Vacation Rental is Awesome

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I'm so glad you're here. My name is Heidi and I'm on a mission to provide vacation rental homeowners with quality education to drive more rental bookings on sites like VRBO & Airbnb.


No Need to DIY Your Marketing

I know what it's like to try dozens of things just to find the one or two that actually work. When it comes to your vacation rental, you want to be profitable ASAP.

That's why I created Barely Booked to Fully Booked, a complete program that will walk you through how to successfully set up a profitable vacation rental listing (and skip the time-wasting steps).

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This program is right for you if...

  • You own 1-3 vacation rentals and manage it yourself.
  • You are considering transitioning from a property management company and managing yourself.
  • You are considering purchasing a vacation rental or you're about to purchase a rental.
  • You have an Airbnb or HomeAway (VRBO) listing profile set-up and you’re not sure if you’re focusing on the right areas.
  • Your occupancy rate is low and you’re struggling to break even on your vacation rental.
  • You have a hard time finding your own property in the HomeAway (VRBO) or Airbnb feed.
  • You are overwhelmed by the technology and keeping up with the constant changes from HomeAway (VRBO) and Airbnb.
  • You think you can’t keep up with the ‘big guys’ in your market.


Any of these sound like you? Cool, read on...


Hey there, I'm Heidi Miget!

I'm a marketing strategist for vacation rental homeowners.

As a vacation rental homeowner myself, I've been in your shoes and understand your pain points first-hand.

I started Fully Booked Consulting to provide vacation rental homeowners the tools they need to succeed.

My journey into vacation rental education:

  • 2006: Started my career in digital marketing and led my first team.
  • 2008: Moved to an agency where I built out the digital marketing department from the ground up.
  • 2013: Invested in a vacation rental and used my marketing experience to increase our rental income each year.
  • 2014: Started teaching friends with vacation rentals how to improve their listings.
  • 2015: Transitioned to a National grocer and ran their digital marketing department.
  • 2017: Started Fully Booked Consulting and left my Corporate job to pursue working with vacation rental homeowners full-time.
  • 2019: Launched Barely Booked to Fully Booked to compile years of vacation rental marketing knowledge into a blueprint to help vacation rental homeowners succeed.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Barely Booked to Fully Booked:

  • How to properly set up your listings and market your home on vacation rental listing sites like Airbnb and HomeAway (VRBO).
  • You’ll understand how to evaluate your market to position your rental effectively and stand out in a crowded market.
  • What to do to overhaul your rental listing using the latest best practices that convert lookers into bookers.
  • What works and what doesn’t work when it comes to headlines, descriptions, photos and hosting styles.
  • Learn how to perfectly price your rental for maximum ROI.
  • What you can do to refine your listing and see year over year increases in rental income.
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Here's how it all breaks down:

I'll teach you my exact vacation rental listing strategies in 5 modules. That includes step-by-step videos, real listing examples on Airbnb and HomeAway that bring it all to life and templates that help you implement everything quickly and easily.

Bonuses and Extras!

  1. Access to an entire suite of downloads (13 total) that help you implement these strategies ASAP. This includes checklists, assessments, workbooks, templates & audits.
  2. A complimentary critique of your listing with your purchase. Once you complete the modules and implement the best practices outlined, we will review one of your listings and provide feedback!
  3. Lifetime access to the course so you can go at your own pace.

Here are the templates & "done for you" items:

Optimization Checklist // Competitor Review Worksheet // Audience Assessment Worksheet // Amenities Checklist // Branding Workbook // Photography Shot List // Headline Worksheet // Description Worksheet // Review  Response Guide // Response Template Swipe File // Cleaning Checklist // Pricing Audit Worksheet // Discount Cheat Sheet


Join Me for a Behind the Scenes Tour!

In the video below, I give you a peek behind the curtain to see what you'll have access to after you purchase Barely Booked to Fully Booked!



I am all about providing you with an amazing ROI! This course will quickly increase your rental bookings and most students see their ROI after just 1 - 3 bookings.

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You’re Covered with My 30-Day Refund Policy

I want you to be completely happy with your purchase so we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Just show us you’ve completed the course and done the work and we’ll refund your money.

I'm confident you'll be thrilled with this course, and based on all the reviews, I know I can offer you this 30-day refund policy.

"It's been a pleasure working with Heidi at Fully Booked to improve my vacation rental website listings. Her endless amount of knowledge in this market is spot on. She walked me through each area of the website and made suggestions that had an immediate impact in inquiries AND bookings once I made the updates. It was like Magic!"

Lisa Smith
Austin, TX

Frequently asked questions:

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you purchase it! You can go at your own pace and on your own schedule. You will receive login details after you purchase and you’ll have lifetime access to the course.

How long will the course take to complete?
The course is divided into 5 modules. I estimate that it will take you 2 - 4 weeks to complete the course, including watching all the videos, doing the exercises and making the changes necessary to your listing (or creating your listing from scratch).

How many hours will I need to invest each week?

It will take 7 hours total to watch the videos. Plan to invest a few hours each week to get through the content and implement the strategies. It will vary depending on if you’re starting from scratch or refining an existing listing.

Once you’re finished with the program, you should find that it takes you approximately 1-hour or less each week to manage your vacation rental (not including cleaning and property management)!

Should I hire a property management company?

If you take this course, you won’t need to! Property management companies typically charge 25% - 35% of your rental income. That's a huge chunk of your profit!

I believe vacation rental homeowners that manage their own property are able to offer exceptional service from start to end and it can be hard to find the same level of service with a property management company.

Which listing sites should I use if I take this course?

The strategies I teach will work on all of the major listing sites (e.g. Airbnb, HomeAway (VRBO), TripAdvisor (FlipKey), & niche listing sites). However, I provide specific examples from Airbnb and HomeAway in the course and cover certain nuances between the two.

Does the course cover anything else beyond marketing?

The course is heavily focused on properly marketing your vacation rental listing as that is what ultimately drives your rental income. This includes how to properly set-up your listings, how to attract your ideal guest, how to convert your ideal guest and how to excel at hosting.

The property management and cleaning piece of your rental business is discussed but how you will manage this specifically is not covered in detail as it will be unique to your situation. Our private Facebook group (that you receive access to after you’ve purchased)  is a fantastic resource to seek advice from other homeowners that may be in a similar situation.

How many third-party tools will I need to purchase to implement the recommended strategies?

None! This course is designed with the beginner in mind. In my personal experience and working with my clients over the years, if you own less than 3 homes, you do not need to purchase third-party tools to successfully manage your rentals.

Will this vacation rental course teach me how to build a website or email list?

Great question! After you’re fully optimized on the listing sites, this is absolutely the next place you’ll want to focus. This is not covered in this course but this is something I love working on with my Fully Booked Consulting clients. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in becoming a client to work towards less dependence on the listing sites.


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