Confidently Create your Profitable Vacation Rental Listing Profile in 30 Days.

~ And establish a marketing foundation that generates more bookings for years to come. ~

(Without prior marketing experience, total tech overwhelm or ‘what-do-I-do next’ syndrome).

If you’re a vacation rental owner, a soon-to-be owner or have an unused second home looking to generate some serious rental income while avoiding the time-suck of nurturing leads that go nowhere then you already know that you need an optimized vacation rental listing. optimized listing that gets ranked highly in the VRBO and Airbnb search results. optimized listing that speaks to your ideal guest and easily converts them to a booking. optimized listing and system that positions you to be an excellent host from start to end.

And you’re probably already aware that the global vacation rental market is worth an estimated $169 billion and growing (and that an optimized listing will help you get a larger piece of this pie!). (Source: Research and Markets)

~ But here are the ABSOLUTE BEST parts of an optimized listing ~

Command Higher Rates

~An optimized listing allows you to command top dollar for your vacation rental.

Welcome More Guests to Your Home

~You’ll be able to fill your calendar at a higher occupancy rate and even start to book those hard-to-fill off-season dates.

Enjoy the Extra Income

~With higher nightly rates and a higher occupancy rate, you’ll love the extra income your vacation home provides. But even better, an optimized listing provides you with a solid foundation that allows you to see year-over-year rental income growth.

Provide an Amazing Experience

~An optimized listing means you’ll more often serve your ideal guest. The more you can fill your calendar with ideal guests, the better you’re able to serve your guests and not only meet but exceed expectations to earn rave reviews.

More bookings with an optimized profile? Awesome.

But where the heck do I start?

Perhaps you’ve updated your headline once or twice. You think it might be a little better, but you’re not 100% sure.

You’ve seen how some of the top rentals in your market are positioning their rental and you’ve made some notes…

That’s a good start! But...

Even with the best intentions, most vacation rental owners ultimately go with the ‘throw-and-go” approach, allowing competitors to swoop in and snatch up those bookings.

Here’s why most vacation rental owners don’t end up with an optimized profile:

Without a super clear step-by-step plan, most homeowners don’t have a systematic process to get the most out of every aspect of their listing.

Whether it’s the tech overwhelm or the lack of confidence in their marketing capabilities, many vacation rental owners end up putting their time and effort into the home itself but they don’t invest the time to learn how to properly market their home.

Here’s why this is one of the biggest missed opportunities:

A great vacation home that doesn’t have a great listing profile is like selling Starbucks coffee in a plain white bag!

You have an amazing product but no one knows it because your 'packaging' is boring your potential guest.

With dozens and even hundreds of options for guests to choose from, homes start to look the same at first glance.

But an optimized profile tends to jump off the page!

And not only does it jump off the page, but it also speaks to the guest in a way that moves them to book ASAP.

Therefore, taking the time to optimize your listing profile is one of the best things you can do for your vacation rental business.

Even in a crowded market, the majority of vacation rental profiles have not been optimized, leaving you with the perfect opportunity to stand out in your market.

That is...if you’re willing to invest the time upfront and avoid the mistakes your competitors are making.

3 Reasons Vacation Rentals Under-perform

(and how you can use them to your advantage!)

It’s not that the marketing is blatantly dismissed, it’s just that marketing is not typically at the front and center of vacation rental owner’s minds when they create their listing profile.

Most owners approach the listing creation process as something to quickly “check off the list” so that the bookings can start rolling in.

The thing is, in order for the calendar to start filling up quickly, thought and intentionality (i.e. marketing) is the KEY to standing out and getting noticed in a noisy market.

When a listing is live and generating bookings, owners are excited to see that the mortgage and expenses are covered with perhaps a little profit left over.

And make no mistake, that IS great, but it’s not the end game.

An optimized listing can generate bookings at a higher price point and easily fill off-season days that used to be next to impossible to book.

An optimized listing can actually continue to produce more income each year (all while spending less time managing it).

Average performance is just the beginning.

Exceptional performance (and profit) is possible and achievable.

Vacation rental owners have the power to create some of the strongest listings out there.


→ Because they intimately know their home.

→ They have the best local recommendations.

→ And they genuinely care about the guest’s experience in their home more than anyone else.

Yet, because they're new to the industry, unfamiliar with marketing or intimidated by the ‘big guys’ in their market, they don’t fully realize that they can, in fact, blow the competition away.

The truth is, many of the ‘big guys’ and property management companies don’t have that personal touch as a host that you can bring to the table.

This personal touch gives you an unbelievable edge when it comes to marketing your home on the listing sites.

Small hurdles you can use to your advantage...

While most vacation rental listings are under-performing, this provides an incredible opportunity for owners that are ready to roll up their sleeves and build a strong marketing foundation that will serve them for years to come.

As this industry continues to explode, the barriers to entry are relatively LOW…

...but the barriers towards EFFECTIVE EXECUTION are fairly high.

As long as you can learn what it takes to create a successful vacation rental listing and avoid some of the biggest mistakes I see owners making, there is a proven path to creating a successful listing.

If you’re interested, I’d LOVE to show you this path.


Barely Booked to Fully Booked

~A complete 5-step blueprint course to set up an optimized listing (on Airbnb or VRBO) that drives MORE rental income.~

Hey there, I'm Heidi Miget!

I'm a marketing strategist for vacation rental homeowners.

As a vacation rental homeowner myself, I've been in your shoes and understand your pain points first-hand.

I started Fully Booked Consulting to provide vacation rental homeowners the tools they need to succeed.

I’ve taken everything I have learned from 12 years leading marketing teams and 5 years of running a successful vacation rental business and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program that teaches you exactly what to do to optimize your listing profile and run a profitable vacation rental.

Barely Booked to
Fully Booked is the ONLY program of its kind that…

Teaches Owners Essential Marketing Fundamentals

You’ll learn the secrets to successful marketing and how to apply it directly to your vacation rental in order to speak to your ideal gust.

Elevates Owners to a New Level of Success

This program teaches owners how to continually build on past success to be market leaders on the listing site platforms.

While increased rental profit is a large component of this success, implementing systems to run the business more smoothly and efficiently are also key elements of the program.

The program is designed to increase profits each year while your time spent managing the rental online actually decreases.

Focuses on the Host as the Star of the Show

The host is the secret sauce to vacation rental success. Property management companies and hotels can’t touch the personalization and unique experience a host is able to provide.

This program teaches the host how to master both the online and offline side of hosting to exceed expectations and watch the glowing reviews pour in.

Here's how it all breaks down:

I'll teach you my exact vacation rental listing strategies in 5 modules. That includes step-by-step videos, real listing examples on Airbnb and VRBO that bring it all to life and templates that help you implement everything quickly and easily. (click each module for more details)

We’ve heard it before. What you focus on, grows.

In this module, we’re going to get crystal clear on the path to success. Before we dive into the tactics, we’re going to set some goals so we know what we’re aiming for.

We’ll set year one goals for both the income you’re looking to generate as well as the time you’re looking to save on management.

After all, life is all about balance!

My ultimate goal for you is that you are making more money with less effort (because I know it IS 100% possible).


→ We’ll cover why it’s possible to increase bookings while spending less time managing.

→ Learn what a realistic expectation for a completion date is based on your timeline and stay on track throughout the course with the optimization checklist worksheet download.

→ Set your revenue goals for year one and your time savings goals.

Before you dive into making changes, you need to know WHO you’re talking to in the listing.

When you can zone in on your ideal guest, the marketing piece becomes a whole lot easier.

It’s equally important to know who your true competitors are in your market so that you can uniquely position your rental and stand out amongst the competition.


→ How to use the listing site tools to perform market research.

→ You’ll learn the best ways to assess your competitors.

→ How to hone in on your ideal audience.

→ Determine the best listing sites for your property.

It’s time to take everything you learned in the previous module and apply it to every aspect of your vacation rental.

You will overhaul your rental listing with the latest best practices that convert your inquiries into bookings.


→ Discover the importance of establishing a brand for your vacation rental.

→ How to stand out among the crowd with stellar photography, a strong headline, and a compelling description.

→ How to get the most out of each area of your listing for complete optimization.

→ Discover some time-saving tricks that actually increase your bookings.

→ Learn how to master your hosting skills for consistent 5-star reviews.

Pricing is an easy place to get hung up! We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen with a full plan on how to handle pricing your rental for maximum ROI.


→ How to use an audit to get started with pricing your property (and how to adjust by season).

→ When to use discounts and how to use them most effectively.

→ When to charge an extra fee and why you should avoid some of them.

You’ve invested the time & you’ve done the work - now comes the exciting part!

It’s time to launch your new listing profile and start welcoming guests into your home.

But unlike most hosts that ‘set it and forget it’, you’ll learn how to use the data and reports to your advantage for continued success and year-over-year increases in rental income.


→ What to do after you publish your optimized listing profile.

→ How to use reporting for maximum success.

→ How to continually improve and become an Airbnb Superhost and/or HomeAway Premier Partner.

→ When to think about building a website, launching an email list or starting a social media page.

Complete with templates & "done for you" items:

Optimization Checklist // Competitor Review Worksheet // Audience Assessment Worksheet // Amenities Checklist // Branding Workbook // Photography Shot List // Headline Worksheet // Description Worksheet // Review  Response Guide // Response Template Swipe File // Cleaning Checklist // Pricing Audit Worksheet // Discount Cheat Sheet

Join Me for a Behind the Scenes Tour!

In the video below, I give you a peek behind the curtain to see what you'll have access to after you purchase Barely Booked to Fully Booked!

You’re Covered with My 30-Day Refund Policy
Barely Booked to Fully Booked is the only program of its kind that focuses on properly marketing your vacation rental with step-by-step instructions to get your listing seen and booked.
I’ve perfected my system over five years of running my own vacation rental and working with owners all over the country on profile optimizations.
I'm confident you'll be thrilled with this course, and based on all the reviews, I know I can offer you this 30-day refund policy.
I want you to be completely happy with your purchase so I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Just show us you’ve completed the course and done the work and we’ll refund your money.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Barely Booked to Fully Booked Training Program

→ 5 Training Modules.

→ Cheat-sheets, worksheets & checklists to help implement the work.

→ Lifetime (and instant) access to go at your own pace.

(Value: $697)

Bonus #1: The Airbnb Superhost Roadmap

→ A one-page guide to fast-track your way to Superhost status.

(Value: $47)

Bonus #2: A Personalized, Listing Critique.

→ Once you've completed the program, send us an email and we'll review & critique your vacation rental listing.

(Value: $97)

Bonus #3The 6-Step Cleaning Process Guide

→ A downloadable guide you can print and use for every clean to ensure a 5-star clean.

(Value: $47)

When you add it all up, that's a value of $888.

But it's not going to cost that!

I'm so excited to welcome you into Barely Booked to Fully Booked and offer my introductory pricing of just...









"It's been a pleasure working with Heidi at Fully Booked to improve my vacation rental website listings. Her endless amount of knowledge in this market is spot on. She walked me through each area of the website and made suggestions that had an immediate impact in inquiries AND bookings once I made the updates. It was like Magic!"

Lisa Smith
Phoenix, AZ

"Heidi provided me with so much helpful advice for my property, my head is spinning. I look forward to getting it implemented. Excellent advice. I can see a great year. Thank you, Heidi! "

Mary Beth Plumpton
Ontario, Canada

"Heidi is an excellent resource to help novice Airbnb and VRBO hosts like me to set up great listings."

Jeff McKee
Austin, TX

Common questions I receive before students enroll in Barely Booked to Fully Booked

(click to see answer)

The great thing about a self-paced course is that you ultimately decide how short or long it will take you to complete. You have lifetime access and you can go at your own pace and on your own schedule.

The course is divided into 5 modules and it will take 7 hours to watch the videos. If you can dedicate a few hours each week, I estimate that it will take you 2 - 4 weeks to complete the course, including watching all the videos, doing the exercises and making the changes necessary to your listing (or creating your listing from scratch).

The strategies I teach will work on all of the major listing sites (e.g. Airbnb, HomeAway (VRBO), TripAdvisor (FlipKey), & niche listing sites). However, I provide specific examples from Airbnb and HomeAway in the course and cover certain nuances between the two.

Oh YES! I truly built this course with you in mind :-). I have included video tutorials and step-by-step checklists to make sure there aren’t any tech hangups.

If you have a question you need to be answered, I am available via email to help assist you with any troubleshooting.

None! This course is designed with the beginner in mind. In my personal experience and working with my clients over the years, if you own less than 3 homes, you do not need to purchase third-party tools to successfully manage your rentals.

The course is heavily focused on properly marketing and optimizing your vacation rental listing as that is what ultimately drives your rental income. This includes how to properly set-up your listings, how to attract your ideal guest, how to convert your ideal guest and how to excel at hosting.

The property management and cleaning piece of your rental business is covered, but how you will manage this specifically is not covered in detail as it will be unique to your situation.

Great question! After you’re fully optimized on the listing sites, this is absolutely the next place you’ll want to focus. This is not covered in this course but this is something I love working on with my Fully Booked clients. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you’re interested in becoming a client to work towards less dependence on the listing sites.

If you take this course, you shouldn’t need to! Property management companies typically charge 25% - 35% of your rental income. That's a huge chunk of your profit!

I believe vacation rental homeowners that manage their own property are able to offer exceptional service from start to end and it can be hard to find the same level of service with a property management company.

Absolutely! You will receive lifetime access the full course with 5 modules that take you through the initial research steps, the full implementation and optimization of your listing and how to future-proof your vacation rental business for success.

You’ll also receive 3 bonuses with your purchase including the Superhost Roadmap, the Listing Audit and the 6-Step Cleaning guide.

7 Ways to Know if Barely Booked to Fully Booked is a Perfect Fit…

  1. You’re just getting started with a vacation rental (or transitioning from a property management company) and you want to make sure you NAIL it right out of the gates.
  2. You’re buried with information but unsure of what your next step should be - you want a clear path to follow for long-term success.
  3. You’re willing to put in the work now and have no problem putting in a few hours a week now as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a strategic step forward to building a sustainable vacation rental business.
  4. You understand the importance of learning how to market your vacation rental property.
  5. You want to position your rental to run on autopilot and require less than an hour of your time each week to manage bookings.
  6. You’re excited for your listing to start getting noticed in your crowded market and fully realize your potential to be a top host in your market.
  7. You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you that have 30 days to try out the program risk-free.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

Sign up today (before the doors close!)

Your ROI is extremely important to me. This course will quickly increase your rental bookings and most students see their ROI after just 1 - 3 bookings.










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